Why FreshCo is Super Awesome

FreshCo FreshCo is a grocery store that is committed to quality fresh food at lower prices. They currently have a double fresh guarantee that offers Item replacement and refund, this is something I like to see in companies. Understandably things just happen and nobody means to inconvenience anyone, but with policies like these, it isContinue reading “Why FreshCo is Super Awesome”

Good Reasons to Shop and Buy at Safeway in Canada

Safeway Safeway is a grocery store that has a decent variety of everyday life staples. This store like most other grocery stores that sells fresh produce and other bare essentials. They take pride in their produce section because of their emphasis on locally grown and organic standards. The store has a deli that has deliContinue reading “Good Reasons to Shop and Buy at Safeway in Canada”

What is the Best about Shopping at Voilà in Canada

Voilá Voilà is an online grocery delivery service in Toronto. This Sobey’s company also has a curbside pickup at certain places in Canada. This is a convenient service and I hope to see more of this in the future. This service is pretty well rounded with its fresh food section and other departments like hygiene,Continue reading “What is the Best about Shopping at Voilà in Canada”

What is Good about Shopping at Wholesale Club?

Wholesale Club A huge grocery store with lots of variety. Not much worth pointing out. It is a grocery store that has what you would expect out of a grocery store and this is a good thing. Need a regular place to get groceries? Come check out your nearby Wholesale Club store. Store Attributes: AutomotiveContinue reading “What is Good about Shopping at Wholesale Club?”

What is Good about Shopping at Sobeys in Canada?

Sobeys This business is a grocery store that can inspire dinner. Large grocery variety with the compliment of delightful specialty store sections like the bakery and deli make it an environment to love food. Store Attributes: Baby / Infant Bath / Beauty Cleaning / Paper Products Groceries / Food Pets / Animals Pharmacy

What Makes Save on Foods Good

Save on Foods This store is a quality one-stop grocery store with an impressive bakery, deli meats and produce section. The store will have practically anything the average North American kitchen might need. It is also worth noting that this store has a pharmacy and toy section, making this store a little more convenient. StoreContinue reading “What Makes Save on Foods Good”

Why Amazon is #1 in Canada

Amazon Amazon is becoming one of the more successful stores out there. With Amazon’s extensive product range and depth, along with its massive amount of deal items and trusted public services, it’s not hard to see why. Besides having almost anything under the sun, it is worth noting that these guys have a handful ofContinue reading “Why Amazon is #1 in Canada”

What Makes Loblaws Good in Canada

Loblaws Loblaws is a department store that focuses on day-to-day living. The store has a wide range of groceries and other products. In my personal opinion, I think the website is a little all over the place. With that being said, there is some very interesting merchandise on their website that I would not expectContinue reading “What Makes Loblaws Good in Canada”

Why Shopping at Laura Secord in Canada is the Best

Laura Secord This decadent chocolate shop is a Canadian delight. A store named after rich history and with its rich history that dates back over a hundred years ago. Hundreds of store recipes in categories like chocolate, candies, ice cream, sweets and other delicious treats. Laura Secord has super reasonable pricing for the quality ofContinue reading “Why Shopping at Laura Secord in Canada is the Best”

Top Reasons to Shop at Co-op in Canada

Co-op The Co-op is a Saskatchewan-based company that was formulated and inspired over a century ago by the first Nation community. It has evolved a lot over the last hundred years but the principle is still the same. Cooperative and pooled efforts as a community to thrive in an unforgiving environment. Because of the generalContinue reading “Top Reasons to Shop at Co-op in Canada”