Why Macy’s is the Best

Macy’s Macy’s is a department store based out of the US that ships to several international locations such as Canada. They have an impressive list of departments and products that they showcase. The store reminds me a lot of the Bay with their quality and sometimes pricey products. The store shines with its long listContinue reading “Why Macy’s is the Best”

Best Reasons to Shop and Buy at Winners in Canada

Winners It is a store that sells ever-changing fashion. Clothing, shoes and accessories are the focus of Winners. They also sell home decors and other fashion-related products. The best way to get a feel for this store is to visit one for yourself. If you love designer things, this store will probably be for you.Continue reading “Best Reasons to Shop and Buy at Winners in Canada”

Why Shop and Buy at Value Village in Canada?

Value Village Value Village is one of Canada’s lead repurposing stores. If you are budget shopping and you don’t let the word “used” bother you or you have a huge family and clothing everyone is a burden. Hit up Value Village right now. This store prices products at fair prices and a portion of itsContinue reading “Why Shop and Buy at Value Village in Canada?”

What is Great about Shopping at Sport Chek

Sport Chek Sport Chek is a store that specializes in sports/fitness clothing, footwear and gear. A lot of the prices are not super budget-friendly but the products are quality and fairly priced. With pricing in mind if money is tight this store has regular price-crushing sales and deals that are worth watching for. If fitnessContinue reading “What is Great about Shopping at Sport Chek”

Best Reasons to Shop at Toys R Us in Canada

Toys R Us Toys R Us is a toy store most Canadians are aware of. At one point or another, you’ve probably entered this store and screamed with excitement in your head or out loud depending on your mental or physical age. This is ok, you’re never too old to collect or play with toys.Continue reading “Best Reasons to Shop at Toys R Us in Canada”

Top Reasons to Buy at Wayfair in Canada

Wayfair This business is a great online store for everything home-related. The store has tons of home beautifying furniture, home furnishings and appliances. Looking to spruce up your home without going out to shop? Visit Wayfair’s easily navigable website and shop with comfort from home or anywhere. Store Attributes: Baby / Infant Fitness / ExerciseContinue reading “Top Reasons to Buy at Wayfair in Canada”

Why Amazon is #1 in Canada

Amazon Amazon is becoming one of the more successful stores out there. With Amazon’s extensive product range and depth, along with its massive amount of deal items and trusted public services, it’s not hard to see why. Besides having almost anything under the sun, it is worth noting that these guys have a handful ofContinue reading “Why Amazon is #1 in Canada”

What Makes Loblaws Good in Canada

Loblaws Loblaws is a department store that focuses on day-to-day living. The store has a wide range of groceries and other products. In my personal opinion, I think the website is a little all over the place. With that being said, there is some very interesting merchandise on their website that I would not expectContinue reading “What Makes Loblaws Good in Canada”

What is Good about Shopping at The Bay in Canada

The Bay The Bay is a department store that focuses on the home. The prices are ok for the most part but the quality is there. It’s a great place to help you find the things you need to feel proud of in your home. Luxury may be a way to describe the store. StoreContinue reading “What is Good about Shopping at The Bay in Canada”

What Makes The Home Depot the Best

The Home Depot Home Depot, the store that focuses on the home. Building hardware, home kits, major appliances, tools and more. The store that has everything to make a home your home. If you are looking to upgrade anything in your home, this is a good place to start. Store Attributes: Automotive Baby / InfantContinue reading “What Makes The Home Depot the Best”