Why Macy’s is the Best

Macy’s Macy’s is a department store based out of the US that ships to several international locations such as Canada. They have an impressive list of departments and products that they showcase. The store reminds me a lot of the Bay with their quality and sometimes pricey products. The store shines with its long listContinue reading “Why Macy’s is the Best”

Good Reasons to Shop and Buy at Safeway in Canada

Safeway Safeway is a grocery store that has a decent variety of everyday life staples. This store like most other grocery stores that sells fresh produce and other bare essentials. They take pride in their produce section because of their emphasis on locally grown and organic standards. The store has a deli that has deliContinue reading “Good Reasons to Shop and Buy at Safeway in Canada”

What is the Best about Shopping at Voilà in Canada

Voilá Voilà is an online grocery delivery service in Toronto. This Sobey’s company also has a curbside pickup at certain places in Canada. This is a convenient service and I hope to see more of this in the future. This service is pretty well rounded with its fresh food section and other departments like hygiene,Continue reading “What is the Best about Shopping at Voilà in Canada”

Best Reasons to Buy at Ikea in Canada

Ikea A home renovation store with tons of remodelling products, appliances and hardware. This company also has a lot of remodelling, renovation, installation and disposal services.  Refresh your kitchen with Ikea’s cabinets, appliances, countertops, sink, faucet, integrated lighting, gable, moulding, filler and cover cap services. They also have other services regarding plumbing, electrical, flooring, walls,Continue reading “Best Reasons to Buy at Ikea in Canada”

What is Good about Shopping at Wholesale Club?

Wholesale Club A huge grocery store with lots of variety. Not much worth pointing out. It is a grocery store that has what you would expect out of a grocery store and this is a good thing. Need a regular place to get groceries? Come check out your nearby Wholesale Club store. Store Attributes: AutomotiveContinue reading “What is Good about Shopping at Wholesale Club?”

Why Shop and Buy at Value Village in Canada?

Value Village Value Village is one of Canada’s lead repurposing stores. If you are budget shopping and you don’t let the word “used” bother you or you have a huge family and clothing everyone is a burden. Hit up Value Village right now. This store prices products at fair prices and a portion of itsContinue reading “Why Shop and Buy at Value Village in Canada?”

What is Great about Shopping at Sport Chek

Sport Chek Sport Chek is a store that specializes in sports/fitness clothing, footwear and gear. A lot of the prices are not super budget-friendly but the products are quality and fairly priced. With pricing in mind if money is tight this store has regular price-crushing sales and deals that are worth watching for. If fitnessContinue reading “What is Great about Shopping at Sport Chek”

What is Good about Shopping at Sobeys in Canada?

Sobeys This business is a grocery store that can inspire dinner. Large grocery variety with the compliment of delightful specialty store sections like the bakery and deli make it an environment to love food. Store Attributes: Baby / Infant Bath / Beauty Cleaning / Paper Products Groceries / Food Pets / Animals Pharmacy

What Makes Save on Foods Good

Save on Foods This store is a quality one-stop grocery store with an impressive bakery, deli meats and produce section. The store will have practically anything the average North American kitchen might need. It is also worth noting that this store has a pharmacy and toy section, making this store a little more convenient. StoreContinue reading “What Makes Save on Foods Good”

Good Reasons to Shop and Buy at Roots in Canada

Roots Designer casual wear with comfort in mind. It isn’t a budget-friendly clothing store but everything seems to be reasonably priced for quality clothing and apparel. They mainly specialize in clothing, footwear and designer accessories. Everything one needs to stay on top of comfortable fashion trends. Store Attributes: Baby / Infant Clothing / Fashion JewelryContinue reading “Good Reasons to Shop and Buy at Roots in Canada”