Update: New Image and Free Phone Wallpaper Images Section

Just a small update to all of the store find followers. There is now a new “Image” section for viewing Canadian Images. Click on the image below to check out this new section. There’s also an all-new “Free Phone Wallpaper Images” section where users can easily download free wallpaper images for their phones. Click onContinue reading “ Update: New Image and Free Phone Wallpaper Images Section”

New Prototype Translation Tool

New Prototype Translation Tool StoreFind is proud to present a new site tool that’s free for everyone to use. It’s a basic language barrier communication tool in the form of a couple of web pages separated by subject matter that uses a combination of made-up emoji sign language and writings of whatever language you areContinue reading “New Prototype Translation Tool”

Should I buy Lost Judgement by SEGA

Ok, so you maybe be wondering if Lost Judgement is a game for you and if the gameplay is like the Yakuza serious that it’s related to. I’ve finally made the jump to check it out and bought it on sale. I’ve played over an easy 20 hours in gameplay. So let me give youContinue reading “Should I buy Lost Judgement by SEGA”

10 Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Sometimes finding that special someone something for Valentine’s Day can be very overwhelming if left to the last second. This can make a special day somewhat stressful. To help you last minute, I’m going to give a list of ideas to help enjoy Valentine’s Day with your sweety. Here are 10 Gift Ideas for Valentine’sContinue reading “10 Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day”

20 Gift Ideas for Preppers and Self Sustainers

Do you have someone that obsesses about prepping or off-grid living and you need to buy the said person a gift? If you have no clue what to get this person you’ve come to the right blog article. Here are 20 Gift Ideas for Preppers and Self Sustainers. These ideas are in no particular orderContinue reading “20 Gift Ideas for Preppers and Self Sustainers”

Boxing Day Sales 2021

I know boxing day sales aren’t here yet, but this is a great time to strategize and start thinking about what kind of deals you want to take advantage of. Help yourself avoid those compulsive purchases and buy things you need or want. If you approach the season with a clear plan and a littleContinue reading “Boxing Day Sales 2021”

15 Christmas Gift Ideas

Whether you are looking for a gift for your parents, partner, friends or children, it can be quite difficult to find the right Christmas gifts. Some people just get writer’s block due to the pressure of this task, and the longer you put this task off it seems to only get worst. So to helpContinue reading “15 Christmas Gift Ideas”

5 Things to Prepare Before Christmas

Well, it’s not December yet, but as most people know Christmas can be challenging. The more time you give yourself, the less stressful your holidays will be. Here are 5 Things to Prepare Before Christmas to make your life a little easier. 1. Gifts Gifts can be the hardest thing for people to figure out.Continue reading “5 Things to Prepare Before Christmas”

Kobo Plus, is this Service Worth Subscribing to?

Kobo Plus If you haven’t heard of kobo by now, you may have been living under a digital rock. Kobo is a hardware and software business that allows its users to access and read digital copies of books, comics and other similar media with an inexpensive Kobo eReader tablet or any compatible Android/IOS device throughContinue reading “Kobo Plus, is this Service Worth Subscribing to?” Update Aug, 13/21 Update Aug, 13/21 Hey fellow shoppers. I know it’s been pretty quiet from our end as of late. We’ve been working hard on a big revamp for the site to better accommodate all languages. The website should now be a lot easier for non-English speaking guests to navigate. I hope this update will allowContinue reading “ Update Aug, 13/21”