Top 13 Things to Consider Before Traveling During Summer 2021

Ok, I’m sure this is on a lot of people’s minds coming out of a long pandemic; Should I be traveling? Where should I go? How should I prepare for a trip? Well, I can tell you I’m in no hurry to go anywhere because I’ll be busy and I’m sure it’s going to be crazy out there due to everyone needing to blow off some steam. I totally get it.

Anyways this doesn’t mean I can’t rack my brain for everyone else and help people better prepare a safe and enjoyable trip. I’ve done enough travel to know; take your time to prepare. Create a list and organize the things that will be important for your travel. Since I’ve been in the air and the road lots in my life, I’m going to be sharing with you my Top 13 Things to Consider Before Traveling During Summer 2021.

Top 13 Things to Consider Before Traveling During Summer 2021

1. Destination

Before you go anywhere you have to first figure out where you are going. Lots of things to consider when picking a getaway destination. Two big factors usually affect the outcome of the destination; Budget and Personal limits. The budget is pretty self-explanatory. Overseas plane tickets are going to bump up the cost of your travel significantly.

Plane tickets for across the continent are fairly pricey and will take a big chomp out of your budget. If you’re not sure if flying is an option just check out some rates on travel websites in the link below. If you’re travelling by land vehicle you may have to look into gas and possible breakdown costs.

2. Personal Limits

Personal limits are your limitations to what you can handle as an individual. Some people have anxieties that they don’t realize are there until confronted with them. Some people fear traveling too far away from home or don’t like water activities or tall heights. My suggestion is; if you are thinking about trying something new, do some research on it, or watch some videos to better familiarize yourself.

Sometimes new things can scare a person. My advice is; to push yourself into new traveling experiences, but also consider taking baby steps. I’ve been out of my comfort zone while travelling lots and I’m personally better for it. It’s good for your brain health and you will widen your perspective with every new experience you have.

3. Passport

Unless you plan on staying in your own country, you are not going to get too far without it. This is going to be one of the first things you will want to sort out. Sometimes it can take a lot of time to get processed, or you will have to jump through some hoops to get it quickly. I recommend not dealing with this last minute. If you have a non-expired passport, no worries.

4. Vaccines

Each place you visit may have its own viral hazards. My suggestion is to consult your local pharmacy to see what you all need for where you are going. You don’t want to be on your most beautiful and relaxing vacation with cold sweats or hugging a toilet.

5. Travel Insurance

This is an optional thing but I wouldn’t gamble on something like this. Living in Canada we tend to forget how expensive basic procedures cost, due to our health care system. If you get patched up outside of your Country this could cost thousands to hundreds of thousands. This is not a mistake you want to make. You can get term travel insurance through several firms. Take a moment of your time and make sure you’re covered.

6. Restrictions

If you plan on traveling somewhere this summer that’s fine, but you may want to look into what restrictions the country you’re visiting has. We are almost done with Covid-19 here in Canada, but some countries might still be working through the pandemic and their doors might be close or limited. You may want to check into this before you get too far with your planning.

7. The Culture and Law where you are Traveling

If you plan on going somewhere you’ve never been to before, they will probably have different rules, laws, and customs than you. If you want to stay out of uncomfortable or law-related situations during your peaceful getaway, do some research on where you are going. There are tons of “what to know” videos and blogs out there that could keep you from an unpleasant travel experience.

8. Accommodations and Travel Arrangements

This is something you may have to visit a couple of times. While you are trying to figure out what kind of trip you are going to have and again when you are ready to start picking out where you’re going to stay and maybe again when you figuring out how you’re going to get places. If you are driving to your destination, all you need is accommodations for where you’re staying.

If you are taking a flight, train, or bus to where you are going, it would be wise to look into car rentals, taxi service, train services and bus services, along with accommodations. There is no right or wrong answer, it comes down to personal comfort level and budget. Some people spend their whole vacation walking most places, not a bad option if things are close to where you are staying.

9. Staying Connected to the Internet

Granted this is optional but let me ask you this; How well do you function without your cell phone on a day-to-day where you already live? In a foreign country, the internet might be your saving grace to not miss your transportations, or figure out what you are looking at, it might even save your life.

Yes, it is a pain in the behind to pre-plan this, but I know I don’t want to figure this out when I’m already at my destination and nobody near me speaks my language. Another good reason to stay connected; portable translator. You may need to get connected once you are there, but still, figure out how and where to get it done ahead of time.

10. Attire and Belongings

What attire and belongings will you need for the type of trip you are taking. Will I need to dress for a warm or cold climate? Do I need shoes or sandals? Do I need a hat? Do I need sunblock? Will I be swimming on my holiday? Will I need hangover medication? Will I need my laptop? Do I need my phone charger? This list can on and on and it varies from person to person. I recommend adding to it as you plan your trip. Nothing worse than having to buy something you already own that you left at home.

With all that being said I recommend leaving things you don’t need and treasure at home. If you don’t need it, leave it at home. You are going to want to leave some room for the return as well. Dragging your entire home around with you is no fun so keep that in mind. A motor home might be the only exception to this rule when traveling.

11. Luggage

When it comes to traveling, sometimes any old bag will work, but if you are flying I would recommend something that can take some abuse, has wheels and is lockable. Nothing worst than carrying heavy luggage through a huge airport, trying to figure out where you are going and you are supposed to be relaxing. I would also recommend using something easy to spot when your luggage is mixed with everyone else’s.

12. Budget for Basic Needs and Entertainment

Ok this one is important, if you make a long trip and don’t budget for things to do and places to eat, you might as well stay home. You are going to want to purchase the odd souvenir or try out some local cuisine.

Either way, if you are going to treat yourself with a vacation you should set it up so you can do whatever you want to do, otherwise your just wasting a bunch of hard-earned money to get there to do nothing.

Want to see a play or show, budget for it, want to scuba dive or skydive, budget for it. Want to go on an exotic boat ride, budget for it. Nothing worst than trying to do the math on whether you can afford pizza or not, while you’re across the globe no less.

13. Language Barrier

Ok this is obvious, but still don’t be a noob. If you are going somewhere that doesn’t typically speak your language. It would be smart to learn the basics in their language like; yes, no, hello, thank you, bathroom, water, price. Then have a good translator app on your smartphone to cover the gaps.

Not only are you making yourself more cultured, but you are also showing some respect to the culture you are visiting, by taking a couple of weeks to buff up on some important keywords in their language.

Free Tip

Figure out your budget and then create an expense list for the whole trip. Always leave at least 10% of your budget for unforeseen (things you didn’t think of or emergencies). Souvenirs don’t fall under this budget. You don’t want to be stranded in an unfamiliar place. Honestly, I am a worrier at heart, so I might set aside enough to back up every possible negative outcome.

Ok so you put some hard work into planning the important stuff, but now you can relax and do whatever you want when you get where ever you are going. It’s ok to not plan the whole trip. Trips are great when you’re not rushing to every planned itinerary. It can be quite exhausting when you plan a trip by the hour, and that isn’t relaxing.

The idea is to get out there and do something you haven’t done before or make new memories with your loved ones. The fun part should be less planned unless there’s something you want to do that requires reservations in advance or getting tickets for something. Hope this article has been helpful and makes your life a little easier when going on your fabulous vacation. Remember to enjoy yourself and have fun while traveling.

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One thought on “Top 13 Things to Consider Before Traveling During Summer 2021

  1. Great ideas! I also love how you touched on learning a bit of the language of the culture you’re going to. Stay safe!


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